Free Heatmaps for Life

Free Heatmaps for Life

Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, & More

First: I don't make any commission for your sign-ups. Hotjar doesn't have an affiliate program that gives money. For Real.

Absolutely Free for Life Right Now

Heatmaps Give You Answers You can Use

You get Absolutely FREE Heatmaps for Life. Bonus? Sign up right now for 14 days of Premium Business Data.

Do you know why you need Heatmaps? They show you where people are clicking. Google Analytics only tells you the most popular pages but you have No Idea how they got there: did they use a button or the menu? Hotjar's free heatmaps for life will tell you.

Scrollmaps Tells You What to Move up and How Far

I'll tell you right now that your slideshows are losing you 50% of your visitors. Don't believe me? Can't believe me? Shocked? Think your slideshow is different? Find out in a week; with Hotjar's 14 days of Premium Business Data right now. Waiting is Losing You Money, it is Losing You Leads. Can you afford to wait when the answers are FREE? Why would you wait?

"As soon as I saw what wasn't working on my pages and removed it I made more sales INSTANTLY"

If I don't get money, why am I doing this?

What I get is believers in using the right tools to make informed decisions. You see, I did On Page SEO for 5 years and I became disillusioned. My clients would NOT use analytics to decide what to change. I'd get them traffic and they'd come to me asking, "So why aren't people buying anything?" I'd tell them what was wrong with their design but they wouldn't listen. They loved their slideshows. They loved their sleek "ghost buttons".

When I discovered Conversion Rate Optimization I Fell In Love. It is a methodical way to discover what isn't working using tools beyond Google Analytics, case studies and my personal experience. Still... they didn't want to invest.

But Hotjar is FREE for LIFE.  Not signing up for it and finding out what is working and what isn't is Throwing Away Money.

Best of all? Putting Hotjar on your site is super easy, especially if you have WordPress. Download DCO plugin, copy and paste the code and you are done!

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