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Meet the Owner, Marviene Fulton

About Cloud Illumination

Cloud Illumination is Rocket CRO's predecessor and was founded in 2012, in response to a close friend's business needs.

My friend David is a designer. His sites are gorgeous and they work well. But his clients weren't happy after about 6 months because they weren't ranking. Some had zero traffic. When David learned that I had ranked my brand new site and was getting traffic, he asked me to meet with one of his clients. After the third time he sent a client my way, I found I really liked making a measurable impact on other people's ventures. I switched tracks and put all my heart into Cloud Illumination. I picked that name because for many people the "cloud' (another name for the internet!) is completely opaque. 

In 2018 Cloud Illumination SEO got a new mission statement and turned into an entirely new endeavor, thus began Rocket CRO. My focus isn't on getting clients traffic anymore, it is on getting their traffic to convert into leads or sales. Conversion Rate Optimization is an exciting field and I love doing it full time. 

About Me

Hi, I'm Marviene. 

I am a wife, a mother and business owner. 

I live a few blocks from Charlotte on a couple of wooded acres, a few minutes from Lake Norman.  

I grew up in Pascagoula, Mississippi, spending copious amounts of time in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. For 5 years I lived in Chicago and for nearly 15 years I lived near Los Angeles. 

If we video conference you'll probably see my cat!



Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina