Unless You have Monthly SEO Help...

You will need SEO Training.  Without becoming informed, all of your effort to write content for your site is a waste of time. 


Step 1 is Getting Your Site's Structure Right.


Step 2 is Getting Your Content in SEO Shape.


Step 3 is Making sure you can maintain and add to your Site's SEO.

SEO Training insures Your Ideas get Ranked.

Without new content written the right way your site will never increase traffic. The rankings you gained on your other pages will slowly seep away over time, too. Do you have a SEO writer helping you every month? If you don't you need training.

It is pretty rare for business owners to know what words will drive traffic. Knowing how to do Keyword Research is paramount. You write so your new pages will add new traffic sources.

You Really Can't Train Yourself

The internet lies. It holds onto really outdated SEO ranking tips and tricks that actually hurt your website. Wanna be SEO hacks repeat old blogs, making the information look recent. Without years of experience you won't be able to tell the difference. 

Those other Trainers are Guessing

We have real answers. We are a part of a group that does testing. What we teach works. With us, you are getting every penny and minute's worth of your precious time. We don't hold anything back from our business owners either. You will know what helps your site rank.

We really like teaching Newbies

We have years of experience working with business owners who come to us knowing nothing at all. We are patient and understanding. This isn't your field and that's okay. If you can't hire a professional that doesn't mean you should forget writing for your site.