Website Optimization Includes all the SEO Services

Doing SEO content optimization on a page here and a page there with traffic driving keywords works, but you'll be missing other ranking elements that help you drive more traffic faster. Your website's quality score as a whole really matters and it may be why your competitor's page is outranking you. You can skip the intense audit when you hire us to do what is needed.

You get website traffic reports.

You get site structure changes that matter.

You get all your landing pages re-written.

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Raise your Site Quality Score and Per Page Ranking.

The site’s score, as a whole, is given soon after launching your site. To trigger a new Quality Score review, you need to launch many changes at the same time. Menu structure, URL structure, navigation and the percentage of your site with thin content affects your score. After the score is given, then each page gets ranked. It is possible to rank unique, valuable single pages on a lower quality site if they are high enough quality, but you need to find niche underserved keywords and serve them really well.


Website Optimization is Structure and Content.

Site Quality Score

Google gives you a quality score before indexing any pages. A low score affects your entire site. Broken links and images are damaging. Low quality content is a killer. To get a new Site Quality Score you have to change a significant portion of your site.

Keyword Research is Included

We start with keyword research to establish site-wide keywords and to assign keywords to every landing page.  Website Optimization won't work otherwise.

URL Structure

We know how to create new URLs that work better. We also know how to link your pages to each other to power up your site. This isn't "best practices" or guesses taken from case studies. We know because of controlled research.

WordPress Plugins

There is a suite of plugins that supercharges your site and makes future content additions easier for you. We take care of optimizing your website's speed, too.

Live Site Report

Your website optimization includes a report of your live site. This establishes a baseline and helps in planning changes that target areas which will deliver the biggest impact.

Local Businesses 

Local businesses need a set of specific additional changes to rank locally. We have experience ranking local sites and know what works.

Full Website Optimization is more affordable than you think!

Did you know...

Headers are NOT design elements? They have a very specific meaning to the search engines. If used wrong, it will hurt your ranking.

Did you know...

Images and Video can be optimized, too? Image optimization is especially important to companies that serve a limited local area.

Did you know...

There is a way to make meta descriptions really work for you? It can help your Site Quality Score and your individual keyword phrase ranking.

Do it right, Do it all at One Time